Meet Gavin!



Here we go!

I was born and raised in Grand Bay/Mobile, AL. Yes I am a huge Alabama Fan! Just in case you were wondering. However, a great deal of my childhood memories took place in Vallejo, CA. I’m a lover of arts. My favorite foods are Japanese Hibachi, Funyuns, Cheetos, and Widman’s Chocolate (Don’t judge me it works well with my diet). I’m well versed with The Office, you may even catch me using phrases in my day to day lingo. You’ll also catch me singing and dancing more often than usual. If you do just join in.

My favorite part about my job as a photographer is meeting all the new faces and having the opportunity to create new meaningful relationships. Also being able to help those that struggle with confidence and self-worth. All in all i’m so honored to be your photography. ( Notice the “Your”)


So umm… its always awkward trying to start these things. My mind is going about a mile an hour. I guess I’ll start with some fun facts and hopefully things don’t get weird.

Too weird that is!


I would love to hear more about YOU!