First GWP featured Prom Couple! Mike and Mackenzie

For the first time we featured a couple for the Annual prom shoot! Instead of booking lots of mini sessions, w chose one couple that we can go all out on. For 2k15 we had the pleasure of working with Mike Schauer and Mackenzie Vacura! Who by the way were phenomenal. It's so easy to connect with people that share so many characteristic similarities as you. I have certain ways of getting clients to warm up to the camera and it was irrelevant for these two. They are both Juniors at Central High School. Hopefully we will have the honor to shoot their Senior Portraits in the very near future, and if not we had a blast shooting a memorable event of their lives!

                 Our goal on every eventful shoot is for the experience to be so amazing that they would rather be shooting with us than go to their final destination. And it moved me as we were switching sets for Mackenzie to say "I don't even want to go anymore, Id rather just do this the rest of the day!!".

***Milestone complete

 Enjoy this Beautiful couple:)

Gavin WardComment