Maternities with Brianna, Mitch, and Baby Finn!

Lets say to start that if this isn't thee best looking couple out there, they  are certainly high in the rankings!! Those of you that have viewed our portfolio know that Brianna is a fav of ours, which made the decision to shoot her maternity photos an easy yes! I knew she loved working with us, but I also know that she has favor with many photographers. When she asked I was humbled and very honored to have that opportunity. She is known for modeling and as awesome as her portfolio is, I've never seen any images captured by myself nor any other photographers showing the goofy, radical, affectionate, and submissive side of her. Over the past shoots of working with Brianna we always heard lots about Mitch, but was never able to put a face to him. After meeting him, Sara and I both had a clear understanding of why she loved him. He was a good looking, humorous, and different kind of guy that compliments their family perfectly! I planned to make sure he was entertained as we know its hard to get guys to take photos to begin with, including myself. It seemed he was comfortable from the beginning and kept everyone in the studio entertained. Finally after seeing them both together, I immediately started creating the face of baby Finn! I have no key to the future but if Finn is anything like his parents, he is going to be a very special little man!

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